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Welcome to Evto Bricks Restoration

Evto Bricks Restoration Ltd specialises in restoration, cleaning and pointing of brickwork across all London areas. Our company has been in the business for quite some time now. We have quickly become the go-to option for people who just want to transform the look of their property.

Our experts follow proven methods that get the job done without the delay and hassle so many people associate with this kind of work. Thanks to our help, any property can get the much-needed facelift and truly capture the interest.

In addition, we have expanded our portfolio to also feature services like stone restoration, pebble dash removal, render removal and brick paint removal. There is no doubt that whatever you need us for, we are able to supply it with ease. Thanks to our brick restoration specialists, we can guarantee the job will be completed without any delay whatsoever and to the highest standard possible.

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We have made it super easy to contact us and acquire our brick restoration services. Simply give us a call on 020 8829 9603 or 074 4682 5506, or, alternatively, send us an email sales@evtobrickwork.co.uk We will be quick to work through your query and get back to you as soon as possible. Whether you require a quote, or perhaps have any question regarding our service, we will provide the requested information and work with you to advance the service you require from us. You will find our customer service to be truly dedicated to customer satisfaction.

Over the years we have worked on many wonderful projects all around London. As such, we have a pretty sizeable portfolio, which you can check out below if you like. Perhaps it is your house that could next appear next to all of our stunning projects!

There is always great interest with our brick pointing service. We know that when the bricks and mortar start showing signs of deterioration, it is time to consider some expert intervention. At Evto Bricks Restoration we hold great trust in our brick pointing service. There are quite a few styles of repointing we are proficient in. Below you can find more information about each of them and see how we can improve the look of your brick façade.

When you first get in touch with us, feel free to ask for a free, non-obligatory quote. Bear in mind we might need to send out one of our experts to assess the situation on-site. That way we can give you a precise estimate of the cost in regards to the service involved, plus how long it will take to complete the task. Whatever the job requires, we will be sure to check it out and figure out the best course of action. We know our clients usually need the job done quickly, so we guarantee that there will be no delays and unwanted procedures with us. With straightforward communication and efficient processes in place, you will really find out soon enough why Evto Bricks Restoration Ltd is such a reliable company.

We are glad that over the years we have had a chance to work with so many clients and that our current client base is expanding even further. We draw our motivation from the satisfaction of the people we work for, and so we couldn’t be happier. Check out what some of our previous clients had to say.

Waste no more time and get in touch with Evto Bricks Restoration Ltd today!

Our Portfolio



Ribbon Style Point

While RIBBON pointing is particularly effective with yellow-coloured brickwork, it can be applied to bricks of any colour and still achieve EXCEPTIONAL RESULTS. The colour of mortar can also be selected by adding a pigment to achieve the desired colour. We always make sure that the line is straight and beautiful.
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Tuck Style Point

Tuck pointing is a highly-skilled and refined method of pointing, whereby a coloured mortar joint is placed to match the brick and grooved while ‘green’ or fresh. This is done to receive a separate and carefully placed lime putty – a silver sand ribbon. The ribbon is then neatly trimmed to a smaller scale to form a precise, raised profile. Its original historical intention was to create the illusion of accurately laid, cut, rubbed, and gauged brickwork, on a standard brickwork façade, which was often constructed of irregular bricks. In the nineteenth century, however, it was often resorted to as a means to disguise inferior brickwork.
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Flush Style

The Flush style finish is done by levelling the mortar with the bricks. This is done by using a trowel when the mortar is laid and wet. Then, when the mortar begins to dry, it is rubbed over with a piece of wood. Our careful artisans will make sure that the mortar doesn’t stain the bricks at all. The flush style of mortar joint is notable for the fact that it is neither recessed nor protruding from the wall – it is completely flat, relative to the surface of the surrounding bricks. This kind of pointing is typically done during the building process of the brickwork.
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Penny Roll Point Style

Usually Penny Roll Point style its used on a red bricks. First of all we do flush point with light colour after colouring with the colour of the bricks. For us to do that we will have to use a natural pigment and we do a line which has to be between 2 – 3 mm so the brick can be outline and so to be able to see the light colour
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  • Bec & Graeme (London)
    "The Evto team are a dream come true. The quality of the work they did on our house is superb - we had the front and back of the house acid cleaned, repointed and the outside woodwork painted and they put every effort into ensuring this large scale job went smoothly and with as little disruption to our daily life as possible. They are totally trustworthy, cheerful and diligent and above all were respectful of our home. We left them to get on with the work while we were away for two weeks and were thrilled with what they had achieved while we were away. We would highly recommend Evto to any of our friends and colleagues and were sad to see them leave."
  • Simon (London)
    Evto did a great job, everyone who has seen the finished results says how good the flat now looks and it does! Before the work was done the building was in a terrible state, stained and broken bricks, loose and damaged stonework, and very worn paint work, now you would think it was just built yesterday. The quote they gave me was comprehensive and they stuck precisely to it, which made life very easy. The attention to detail was good, and the workers friendly and respectful. They also had to match the pointing of the flat downstairs and the result is practically seamless. Overall very pleased and would use Evto again.
  • Pal (London)
    "Evto were brilliant in project managing the renewal of the frontage of our house. They started and finished the project on time without any fuss or drama. They dealt with me professionally and were always willing to listen and deal with my concerns. The quality of the finished product is excellent and I am very pleased with it. I will have no hesitation in recommending them."
  • Tim (London)
    "Evto did a superb, skilful restoration and repair of our property's frontage. They outlined in advance and in detail the various options for us to consider. Once work was started they were consistently considerate and extremely pleasant to deal with. They worked hard in often less than ideal weather and showed an exceptional - and justified -pride in their work. Their suggestions that arose as work progressed were always directed at achieving the best possible finished result. I would recommend Evto without hesitation."
  • Andy (London)
    "The house is completely transformed. It looks amazing. It was a huge job and at a difficult time of the year (mid winter) but at no point did the team rush the work or take short cuts. The team took incredible care and each stage of the process was handled well. The team are thoroughly professional and extremely nice to have around. They were helpful and thoughtful towards us and our neighbours. In fact, one neighbour is now having the same work done to their house by evtobrickwork and that speaks volumes about the quality of the work. I would happily recommend your services to anyone considering this type of work."
  • Nigel (London)
    EVTO Bricks Restoration run by Kostadin was recommended to me by a friend who noticed the quality of their work on a property on their road. Since this friend has had the process done 3 times now I respected his judgement. I can honestly say that EVTO Bricks Restoration is a premium pointing company; they really were superb from start to finish. The job was carried out in a very diligent manner with most of the old pointing being removed by hand, minimising the risk of damage and dust. We were given plenty of time to make a final decision on the finish (we opted for the ribbon pointing) and colour. The professionalism and skill of the team when re-pointing was really impressive and is the main reason why this firm is a cut above the rest. The finish was excellent and the team also repaired and improved the brickwork. Part of property had different colour bricks but Kostadin was able to use a dye to help match the bricks to those of the rest of the property which is a period house. Having done this we realised that we could further enhance the look of the property, whilst still retaining the period look, by using the dye more widely. Kostadin and the whole team were a pleasure to have around. They worked incredibly hard but did not rush the job. They were reliable, polite and respectful and above all else are real craftsmen. I am very happy to recommend them.
  • Bernard (London)
    EVTO Bricks Restoration carried out paint stripping, brick replacement and pointing for my house this summer. The standard of work was very high they paid attention to detail and the workers were pleasant and polite at all times. I can recommend their work and would certainly have them back.
  • Joe (London)
    We were looking for someone to give our house a facelift and had already spotted a couple of houses in the area that had been restored. Luckily we found out it was EVTO Bricks Restoration and got in touch. They completed restored the front of our house last summer. The house has gone from the street’s ugly duckling to a real beauty and we've had numerous neighbours enquiring on who did the work. Our neighbour even got theirs done straight after us as they were so impressed. We found that right from the start Kostadin and his team were really fantastic. They were punctual, polite, ensured as little disruption to our neighbours as possible and most of all that the work was of the highest quality. They really are artists and experts at what they do, even managing to restore parts of the decoration around the front door that had been previously damaged. The house now looks brand new and the beautiful victorian front is once again restored to its former glory.
  • Mike (London)
    We are very happy with the work you have done. Everything looks fantastic and very sharp. You have great attention to detail and the extra work we asked you to do was also carried out to a high standard. I'd be happy to recommend you to someone else looking to carry out similar work.
  • Nicolas (London)
    5. I would like to thank you and your team for the fantastic job that you did on the front of our house. The reinstatement of the original Tuck pointing has made the house look very special. The workmanship was excellent and your team worked very hard to get the job done with no inconvenience to us. They cleaned up after each day and left no mess. I would highly recommend you to anyone who would like have the front of their house look as if it has just been built. All the best.