We work with our customers up front with clear specifications.

When we approach the customer:

  • We have an informal conversation to understand the requirements;
  • We visit and make an initial inspection of the place of work;
  • Following the visit, we provide a clear specification of the required work, prepared in a Quotation document.

The work typically includes the following activities:

Note: This will vary from customer to customer.
  • Erection of scaffolding;
  • Preparing the side with protective plastic sheeting for dust and debris;
  • Removal or adjustment of exterior pipes or cables (Upon completion all will be reattached);
  • Removal of pebbledash;
  • Removal of the old paint;
  • Cleaning of old bricks;
  • Sanding of bricks;
  • Rake out the mortar joints;

After the house is sanded and prepared, we will do a sample test panel with natural lime and dye with all the pointing styles for the client to choose from. We offer them FREE of charge. In the circumstances where any of the bricks are broken or in need of replacement, they will be replaced.


Ribbon Style Point

While RIBBON pointing is particularly effective with yellow-coloured brickwork, it can be applied to bricks of any colour and still achieve EXCEPTIONAL RESULTS. The colour of mortar can also be selected by adding a pigment to achieve the desired colour. We always make sure that the line is straight and beautiful.
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Tuck Style Point

Tuck pointing is a highly-skilled and refined method of pointing, whereby a coloured mortar joint is placed to match the brick and grooved while ‘green’ or fresh. This is done to receive a separate and carefully placed lime putty – a silver sand ribbon. The ribbon is then neatly trimmed to a smaller scale to form a precise, raised profile. Its original historical intention was to create the illusion of accurately laid, cut, rubbed, and gauged brickwork, on a standard brickwork façade, which was often constructed of irregular bricks. In the nineteenth century, however, it was often resorted to as a means to disguise inferior brickwork.
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Flush Style Point

The Flush style finish is done by levelling the mortar with the bricks. This is done by using a trowel when the mortar is laid and wet. Then, when the mortar begins to dry, it is rubbed over with a piece of wood. Our careful artisans will make sure that the mortar doesn’t stain the bricks at all. The flush style of mortar joint is notable for the fact that it is neither recessed nor protruding from the wall – it is completely flat, relative to the surface of the surrounding bricks. This kind of pointing is typically done during the building process of the brickwork.
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Penny Roll Point Style

Usually Penny Roll Point style its used on a red bricks. First of all we do flush point with light colour after colouring with the colour of the bricks. For us to do that we will have to use a natural pigment and we do a line which has to be between 2 – 3 mm so the brick can be outline and so to be able to see the light colour
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